2015 Resolutions

I didn’t get to kiss anyone at midnight, so we’re off to a bad start. Well, I kissed my cat. So we’re off to a really bad start. But here we go.

1. When I foresee a problem, I will solve it immediately. (No, it won’t go away.)

2. When I give my word to do something, it will be prioritized.

3. I will write every day (even if I don’t meet my quota.)

4. I will strive to be more sociable. Facebook does not count.

5. I will read every Stephen King book by December 31st. Except the ones he publishes this year. That’s like the saying about having every person in China walking by and never ending because of the birthrate thing.

6. I’ll start taking my own personal deadlines seriously again.

7. I will start eating breakfast. No, chocolate milk doesn’t count.

8. I will not grieve about turning 26. Or any other age that I may happen to come across.

9. I will be decisive. About what, I don’t know.

10. I will start making more concrete plans around long-existing goals.

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