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249 Days Before Book Release and All the Crap I Have to Do


Not this. Is this a part of it? Keeping up with the blog and other deadlines, or am I just procrastinating on rewriting a character arc? I don't know. You tell me.

September 14, 2020. My first novel releases in less than one year, and all the sudden the stuff I wanted to do becomes the stuff I have to do. Which, to be fair, gives me a purpose. Yet, stupidly, I didn’t expect it, even though I did.
Old friend: You still writing?
Me: I have a book coming out in September.
Friend: You’re not jumping for joy?
Me: I am.
Friend: You don’t look like it.
Me: *thinks about it.* There’s so much shit to do! — Charley Daveler (@CharleyDaveler) November 22, 2019 -Launch Party.

Imagine my surprise on learning that my major demographic—speculative fiction and young adult lovers—was predominantly in… Utah. Of all places. Good for me. It’s close and personal. Idaho isn’t far off, and even Iowa (isn’t that the literary capital of universities?) can be found in a short trip.
So great. Salt La…

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