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H.P. Lovecraft Baby Quilt Giveaway!

JULY 1-31
This June's giveaway is finally here. In July!
Win this handmade, 100% cotton baby quilt by submitting below. It runs 34"x34" and is a perfect wall hanging or present to some eccentric parents.

If you don't know me, I am an author who has been sewing as a hobby for over a decade. To help me cultivate like-minded followers, these giveaways are done twice a year. Please support me by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Howard Phillips Lovecraft, a horror and weird fiction author, was enthusiastically chosen by my followers for this year's giveaway subject. Though virtually unknown during the time of his writing and dying in poverty at 46, his work has thrived, branching into the Cthulhu Mythos and creating a subgenre of Lovecraftian Horror. Living from 1890-1937, he came from an affluent family that soon lost its wealth after the death of his grandfather. Both his parents were separately committed to the same mental insti…

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