2015 Giveaway Announcements!

Ever since the Edgar Allan Poe quilt giveaway I’ve had more and more people express their chagrin at missing out. Well, I have good news for you.

I’ve long decided to make the quilt giveaway bi-annual, and will hold one each June and December. I will also hold giveaways to celebrate or market different achievements to be announced throughout the year.

The point is, obviously, for you fans to keep track of me. Bookmark this page, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or follow this blog and you will be kept updated as to what you can win.

For now, I do have a few announcements for the year of 2015:


I have donated a prize to fellow writer Reily Garrett, author of Carnal Beginnings.

She will be holding a raffle on her blog to promote her book. I’ve given her a personally illustrated and signed short story of mine with two miniatures, as well as whatever other prizes she has in her bag.

This is currently planned for around February 7th to the 13th, but keep an eye out for updates.

Also, my old web comic, Mighty Morphin’ Canine Powers, has been completely redone, and will relaunch February 4th. (Yes, I know it says January 31st, but I'll be in New York operating off an iPhone, so I'm pushing it back.)


The literary journal I founded, One in the Hole, is looking for short stories, narrative essays, and poetry set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the surrounding area. (It is a beautiful, Western town, about an hour from  Yellowstone National Park that I’m sure many of you can be inspired by just by the photos on Google.)

March 1st is the deadline. Contributors get one free copy.


If I receive 5,000 likes on my Facebook page before June, I will host a smaller giveaway, featuring probably a painting or doll. So, tell your friends.


June 1st-7th, I will be hosting another quilt giveaway. I have already decided on the subject matter.

The June 2015 giveaway will be a wall hanging featuring Jane Austin’s work. I will keep you updated as more details come to light. If you like Pride and Prejudice, you might want to keep this in mind.

One in the Hole’s third issue will be coming out June 1st. The few remaining copies of Issue 2 and Issue 1 will be on sale for five dollars.


Another literary-based quilt giveaway. Updates on details as I find them. Anyone with an opinion on the subject should send me a Tweet.

For those of you who rather not gamble, I am launching an Etsy site featuring dolls, paintings, shirts, dresses, leather bags and coats, and quilts available for purchase. I am hoping it will be fully stocked before July. Stay tuned.

And that’s all for now folks. As the year goes on I will be adding things to my list. Follow this blog to stay ahead of the curve. Or just show your support. Or because you like clicking things. Your reasons are your own business.

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