Shakespeare Quilt Giveaway!


December's Giveaway, except in March!

Due to recent events, and what one might refer to as "procrastination," I unfortunately delayed my bi-annual giveaway until now. I hope you won't think less of me. But, like my homework in middle school, the work was done on time, I just never bothered to turn it in.

Without further excuses, you are eligible to win this homemade Shakespeare quilt. It hangs at around 40" x 40" (102 cm x 102 cm), and is crafted from 100% cotton.

Winners will be contacted April 3rd. They will, of course, be required to give me a shipping address to receive their prize.

Please consider liking my author page as you take a look around, and enjoy some of the content on my sites while you wait in drastic anticipation for an entire week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note while giveaway is open to all, and I DO pay for international postage, I am not responsible for what happens at customs, and do not know if you will be charged extra there. I am currently located in Australia. If the package is returned to me (with the exception of my own error), I will not be financially responsible for reshipping.

Next giveaway will be in June. If you have any suggestions on the theme, shoot me a message via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Or comment publicly to show support.

And remember to tune into next month's Story of the Wyrd.

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