Friday, October 16, 2015

I’m Leaving the Country

Stop making everything about you, Trump.

No, the presidential elections haven’t as of yet ruined my faith in America. In fact, I love America, I love being an American, and if anything I can blame my loathing of my own personal stagnancy for this decision, not the way the country is “going downhill” as Facebook seems to claim.

The boyfriend and I are headed to Australia. We leave next week to do a bit of a road trip around the western parts of the states before heading off to Los Angeles and get his paperwork sorted out. My stuff is in order, it’s his that is all screwed up. Ironically, considering he’s the native Australian here.

Currently I have a three month visitor’s visa, which means I won’t be able to work, but I have some money saved up and I can utilize my time as a writer, plus maybe try that whole housewife thing the 1950’s talks so much about. After the three months are up, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Depends on Australia, depends on the boyfriend, depends on how much red tape I can stand. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

Yes, I’m extremely excited. I’ve thrown out most of my stuff, have to leave a huge amount of fabric behind, my sewing machine, and needed to get a laptop instead of a desktop, but on the whole, I’m ready to disappear.

I have to leave my cat behind, which is the hardest decision I feel I’ve ever had to make. Even if I do eventually decide to apply for citizenship, Dimitri is too frail to survive the six-week quarantine, so he is better left with my parents. They have mixed feelings about this. I have terrible ones. I promised him we would always be friends, I know he won’t understand why I’ve left. He hates the other cats, and since my room was converted into dad’s music room, he doesn’t really have an area in the house to call his own. But as I tell myself, this too shall pass. He’ll get comfortable.

Getting rid of most of my stuff has been hard, but exhilarating, freeing, in a way. I had to really question the necessities in my life, but once you throw something out, it’s almost forgotten immediately.

I’ll try to be posting updates about the states I’m in, but considering they’re mostly the square ones, I can only work with what I got. I wouldn’t expect much.

It’ll be hard to keep up with my word count and especially my comic considering I won’t have a scanner immediately available for a while, but I’m still determined to do what I can.

If you live in Jackson and want to see me, the boyfriend and I are having one last karaoke night at the Virginian before we head out.

I’m extremely excited, and hope this is just what I needed. Twenty-four was a terrible year, twenty-five extremely mediocre, so I’ve decided now I’m going to work to make this a good one. I don’t know how going to the world’s deadliest continent is going to help, but at least it’s something new.

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