Thursday, December 25, 2014

An Author’s Christmas Letter

Having last year’s production drop,
Procrastination and laziness nonstop,
I resolved to make this year better,
By trudging onward, letter after letter.

January first I vowed
To make my judgmental side proud,
And meet my daily word count,
Surpassing last year’s amount.

Then February came.
With no one to blame,
I have an excuse.
Something happened to my muse.

And that’s all I got.
I told you it’s naught;
My creativity was gone,
My patience not long.

But in March out burst 90 pages.
Though I struggled through these dark ages,
One in the Hole Issue Two
Came out without too much ado.

Theatre was a time suck.
I felt I was stuck.
I avowed to drop it.
But it’s not easy to quit.

One last play, I told myself.
No more commitments on my shelf.
And then something terrible occurred.
I met some jerk and fell in love.

Heartbreak destroyed me, I’ll admit.
My summer was spent in a deep black pit.
But I found some light in that tunnel.
For distraction, my goals were funneled.

Productivity returned and with ambition.
I turned 25, renewed in my mission.
Novel edited, short stories wrote,
I found control, became afloat.

November brought some new followers and friends.
My day-job closed, my employment ends.
New Years brings new possibilities
Which unfortunately means new responsibilities.

There are things I wish,
Things I know I won’t finish,
And things I fear,
But as for this past year…

All’s well that ends well.

Merry Christmas everyone!