Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Resolutions

It's that time again. Time for us to say, "I want everything to be different."

Last year I had fairly sensible resolutions, most of which I succeeded. I haven't yet submitted to 50 agents, and my intentions for this week was to spend some good amount of time making a publication strategy for 2018 when I remembered I worked in the airport and there are these things called holidays.

I no longer work in the airport.

I've put in my two weeks' notice after several fifteen hour days in a row. It's not as if these hours are going to continue, but the stress of being on call constantly left me in a state of constant worry, unable to focus. For the next few months I hope to really treat my creativity like a job and see if I can't do more of what I wanted before retaining a less stressful part time job to boost up my bank account.

The 2017th year of our Lord (is that how you say it?) set me up for a better understanding on what life really is. I hope to spend 2018 figuring out what it could be.

My goals for 2018 are...

To regain a habit of writing most days.

To establish a better understanding of marketing and publishing.

To learn better tactics to deal with stress.

To spend less time on websites that don't bring me joy (but rather mildly distract and irritate me), as well as staring at a screen less in general. After I am done with work, I hope to move my phone charger away from my bed.

To tighten my prose so that each moment is filled with a high high or a low low, and only the transition in between.

To come up with a distinctive and attractive style to create a more uniformed representation of my work.

To learn to ask people to participate in projects (and generally working on my tendency to avoid problems.)

To eat at least two real meals a day.

To keep up with my deadlines and have a reliable update schedule.

Most of these things are not quantifiable, but that just means it's harder to fail!

Happy holidays, everyone. And no matter what 2018 gives us, writers always make lemonade out of molehills.

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