Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Author Interviews: Matt J. Hilson

Matt J. Hilson is a Christian, Wattpadder, artist, and writer. His enthusiasm for writing began when he was eight and it grew into a passion. He loves books that give you characters to care about and make you look at your life like a conspiracy theorist. He's published a book of poems, entitled Passenger on He is currently writing a novel on Wattpad entitled Fang.

You’re a poet and fiction writer. How does writing each differ? When do you decide to write poetry versus working on your manuscript?

It all depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I'll blur the lines of the two barriers and give my poems a little action, while my manuscripts will have a little depth. 

How much unpublished work do you have lying around?

I have four unpublished books lying around. One of the books are currently nameless. I hope to buckle down and start working on it this upcoming December.

What are the challenges of being a young writer, do you think, compared to someone who starts later in life?

Older writers are cemented in their ways. Being a younger writer, my opinions and interests are more likely to change and sometimes that appears in my writing. 

Is there any terrible advice you’ve received for your book or career? Bad advice you’ve overheard someone else be told?

A while ago, I overheard someone say "Write things that people like, " which I completely disagree with. The best thing that any writer can do is write what they like.

What are your biggest concerns about the current literary world?

Way too much fan-fiction. 
Most people would say that family is too kind to give you constructive criticism. Do you find that true for yours?

Yes. My twin brother is the only exception - I can always trust him to give me his honest opinion, good or bad.

How much do your books look like your original vision, and how much do they stray from what you had in mind?

My books are close to unrecognizable from my original vision. Fang wasn't even originally a book. It started as a series of drawings, but I began to give the drawings names and background information and it kind of bloomed from there. 

Where do you find yourself getting stuck most often—beginning, middle, or end?

No particular place. Just anytime that I would have to write interesting dialogue between a child and parent/parental figures.

If you could hire someone to do any of the writing work for you, what jobs would you assign to them?

Making attention-grabbing titles. 
What is an assumption people make about writing that bothers you?

When people say that writing is easy. It's a long, strenuous, and at sometimes frustrating job. It takes a lot of time, thought, research, and effort to make a book.

Can you tell us a little about Fang?

Fang is a fantasy thriller that follows the heirs to the vampire throne, Skai Lawrence and Benjamin Shaw, as they begin their junior year at a boarding school in the human world.

How fast do you tend to write? How long is your editing process?

I tend to write fast, so, the writing process for each chapter can take four to seven days. The editing process isn't very long for me. It could takes a handful of hours to two days.

Do you prefer writing from a female character’s perspective or a male’s?

I feel more comfortable writing from a male's perspective - It's a lot less weird when I work on romantic scenes. 

If you met people like your characters, would you get along?

That's funny that you asked me that, because I actually know someone who acts just like one of my characters and I can't stand him. But for the most part, I think I would get along with my other characters just fine.

What was the hardest part in writing your first book?
Trying to make it interesting enough for my audience.