Thursday, December 31, 2015

How I Will Make Myself Feel Like a Better Person without Being One: 2016 Resolutions.

Lots of people complaining about resolutions this year, which I think answers any questions about how 2015 went.

As I looked back to last year’s declarations, I am absolutely stunned to see that not one of them got solved. It’s like I’m the only one who even cared.

Actually, considering that most of them are ongoing lifestyle changes like being more sociable and writing every day, I’m not surprised many are the same this year. It’s to be expected even. Or, at least, that’s what I’m saying.

I still have high respect for resolutions despite that most of us know we’re not going to succeed at them. I don’t think they’re just about being accomplished—though that would be great—but sitting down and actually determining concretely what we consider the worst aspects of our lives to be. It enables us to figure out our goals, organize our complaints, and on some occasions, as we look back over the years and realize how we have not changed, become aware of how much it really doesn’t matter, how much it really doesn’t make us unhappy. Not every year is bad and those “flaws” remained true through the good times. As I study my resolutions, it amazes me what I did try out and find not to be my problem, and what I cared about so much one year prior is not so important anymore.

In any case, there is something empowering about the idea that it could be different, even if we know it’s damn well not going to be. New Year resolutions can make you feel good without having to do any work.

But my resolve to make my 26th year one of my best ones has proven to be great so far. I am exploring a foreign country with my loving boyfriend, (Yes, I am under the opinion you want to hear it.) I have been writing every day (or making up for it when I haven’t), I have been pretty successful with my deadlines, and I have been working very hard to fix my health, which has not yet been fantastic, but I do feel like I’m understanding more about my headaches, appetite, and chronic dehydration.

So, in honor of my 26th, here’s what I plan for 2016:

1. Write every day, even if it’s just one word. Even if that word is “Fuck.”

2. Agent hunting. The legal kind.

3. Meet comic deadlines (every Friday).

4. Meet blog deadlines (Check back Fridays and Mondays).

5. Post a new Story of the Wyrd the first of every month.

6. Read all of Stephen King’s works in order of publication. Salem’s Lot will not get the better of you.

7. Stop chewing my nails and lips.

8. Get muscle mass in my back.

9. Be true to any promises, make none that you can’t keep.

10. Make my writing notes to myself sound less like a drunken celebrity and actually legible.

Let’s see how that goes.